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Anesthetized Affectless, Arctic, Asleep, Autistic, Benumbed, Blunt, Cataleptic, Catatonic, Chill, Chilly, Cold, Cold As Charity, Cold-Blooded, Coldhearted, Comatose, Cool, Dead, Deadened, Dispassionate, Doped, Dozy, Dreamy, Drowsy, Drugged, Drugged With Sleep, Dull, Emotionally Dead, Emotionless, Frigid, Frosted, Frosty, Frozen, Half Asleep, Heartless, Heavy, Heavy With Sleep, Heavy-Eyed, Icy, Immovable, Impassible, Impassive, In A Stupor, Inexcitable, Insensible, Insensitive, Insusceptible, Languid, Lethargic, Napping, Narcoleptic, Narcose, Narcotized, Narcous, Nodding, Nonemotional, Numbed, Objective, Obtuse, Oscitant, Out Of It, Out Of Touch, Passionless, Sedated, Self-Absorbed, Senseless, Sleep-Drowned, Sleep-Drunk, Sleep-Filled, Sleep-Swollen, Sleepful, Sleepy, Slumberous, Slumbery, Snoozy, Somnolent, Soporific, Soulless, Spiritless, Stretchy, Stuporose, Stuporous, Unaffectionate, Unemotional, Unfeeling, Unimpassioned, Unimpressionable, Unloving, Unpassionate, Unresponding, Unresponsive, Unsusceptible, Unsympathetic, Untouchable, Yawning, Yawny