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Angry Acid, Acrimonious, Aggravated, Algetic, Anarchic, Angered, Annoyed, Blustering, Blusterous, Blustery, Bothered, Browned Off, Browned-Off, Bugged, Burning, Burnt-Up, Caustic, Chafed, Chaotic, Choleric, Cloudy, Corrosive, Cross, Cyclonic, Dirty, Discontented, Disturbed, Enraged, Exasperated, Feeling Evil, Festering, Fiery, Foul, Frantic, Frenzied, Fuming, Furious, Galled, Griped, Heated, Hellish, In A Temper, Incensed, Indignant, Inflamed, Infuriate, Infuriated, Insensate, Irascible, Irate, Ireful, Irked, Irritable, Irritated, Livid, Mad, Maddened, Miffed, Mindless, Nettled, Orgasmic, Orgastic, Out Of Humor, Out Of Sorts, Out Of Temper, Pandemoniac, Peeved, Perturbed, Piqued, Pissed, Pissed Off, Pissed-Off, Provoked, Put Out, Raging, Rainy, Rankling, Ravening, Raving, Raw, Red, Red-Faced, Resentful, Riled, Riled Up, Riley, Rip-Roaring, Roiled, Ruffled, Sensitive, Shirty, Smarting, Sore, Splenetic, Storming, Stormy, Tempestuous, Tender, Ticked Off, Tingling, Tornadic, Troubled, Troublous, Tumultuous, Turbulent, Typhonic, Typhoonish, Up In Arms, Uproarious, Upset, Uptight, Vexed, Waxy, Wild, Wild-Eyed, Worked Up, Wrathful, Wrathy, Wroth, Wrought Up, Wrought-Up