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Animate Aboveground, Activate, Activated, Active, Actuate, Alert, Alive, Alive And Kicking, Among The Living, Animated, Arouse, Biological, Biotic, Boost, Brace, Brace Up, Breathe Life Into, Breathing, Brighten, Bring Into Being, Bring Into Existence, Bring To Life, Brisk, Brisken, Buck Up, Buoy Up, Call Into Being, Call Into Existence, Cant, Capable Of Life, Cheer, Chirk Up, Common Gender, Compel, Conceive, Conscious, Drive, Drive On, Dynamic, Dynamize, Electrify, Embolden, Embue, Encourage, Endow With Life, Endowed With Life, Energize, Energized, Enliven, Enlivened, Exalt, Excite, Exhilarate, Existent, Feminine, Fillip, Fire, Fire Up, Force, Fortify, Forward, Foster, Fresh Up, Freshen, Freshen Up, Galvanize, Gay, Gender, Give A Lift, Give An Impetus, Give Birth, Give Life To, Give Momentum, Gladden, Goad, Hearten, Imbue, Impel, In The Flesh, Inanimate, Incite, Infect, Inflame, Inform, Infuse, Infuse Life Into, Inject, Inoculate, Inspire, Inspirit, Inspirited, Instinct With Life, Invigorate, Jazz Up, Keen, Kindle, Live, Lively, Liven, Living, Long-Lived, Masculine, Motivate, Move, Move To Action, Moving, Nerve, Neuter, Organic, Organized, Pep Up, Perk Up, Physiological, Pick Up, Pique, Power, Promote, Propel, Provoke, Put In Motion, Quick, Quicken, Reanimate, Recreate, Refresh, Refreshen, Regale, Reinforce, Reinvigorate, Rejoice, Rejoice The Heart, Renew, Resuscitate, Revitalize, Revive, Revivify, Rouse, Set Agoing, Set Going, Set In Motion, Set Up, Sharpen, Snap Up, Spark, Spirit, Spirit Up, Spirited, Sprightly, Spur On, Steel, Stimulate, Stir, Strengthen, Tenacious Of Life, Thrust, Very Much Alive, Viable, Vital, Vitalize, Vivacious, Vivified, Vivify, Warm, Whet, Whip On, Zip Up, Zoetic