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Ankh Calvary Cross, Christogram, Greek Cross, Jerusalem Cross, Latin Cross, Maltese Cross, Russian Cross, T, X, Avellan Cross, Chi, Chi-Rho, Christcross, Crisscross, Cross, Cross Ancre, Cross Botonee, Cross Bourdonee, Cross Fitche, Cross Fleury, Cross Formee, Cross Fourchee, Cross Grignolee, Cross Moline, Cross Of Cleves, Cross Of Lorraine, Cross Patee, Cross Recercelee, Cross-Crosslet, Crossbones, Crosslet, Crucifix, Cruciform, Crux, Crux Ansata, Crux Capitata, Crux Decussata, Crux Gammata, Crux Immissa, Crux Ordinaria, Dagger, Ex, Exing, Fork Cross, Gammadion, Inverted Cross, Long Cross, Papal Cross, Pectoral Cross, Potent Cross, Rood, Saltire, Swastika, Tau, Trefled Cross, Voided Cross