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Annex L, Abstract, Accession, Accessory, Accompaniment, Accroach, Acquire, Add, Addenda, Addendum, Additament, Addition, Additive, Additory, Additum, Adjoin, Adjunct, Adjuvant, Affix, Agglutinate, Anchor, And, Annexation, Appanage, Append, Appendage, Appendant, Appropriate, Appurtenance, Appurtenant, Arm, Arrogate, Associate, Attach, Attachment, Augment, Augmentation, Bag, Belay, Block, Boost, Borrow, Burden, Cabbage, Cement, Cinch, Clamp, Clinch, Coda, Collar, Collectivize, Commandeer, Communalize, Communize, Complement, Complicate, Concomitant, Confiscate, Conjoin, Connect, Continuation, Cop, Corollary, Cramp, Crib, Decorate, Defraud, Distrain, Ell, Embezzle, Encumber, Engraft, Expropriate, Extension, Extort, Extrapolation, Fasten, Filch, Fix, Fixture, Gain, Garnish, Get At, Get Hold Of, Glom On To, Glue On, Grab, Graft, Grapple, Have, Hitch On, Hook, Impound, Impress, Increase, Increment, Infix, Join, Join With, Knit, Land, Lay Hands On, Levy, Lift, Link, Make Fast, Make Off With, Moor, Nationalize, Nip, Obtain, Offshoot, Ornament, Palm, Paste On, Pendant, Pick Up, Pilfer, Pinch, Plus, Poach, Postfix, Preempt, Prefix, Press, Procure, Purloin, Put To, Put With, Reinforcement, Replevin, Replevy, Run Away With, Rustle, Saddle With, Screw Up, Scrounge, Secure, Seize, Sequester, Sequestrate, Set, Set To, Shoplift, Side Effect, Side Issue, Slap On, Snare, Snatch, Snitch, Socialize, Steal, Subjoin, Suffix, Superadd, Superpose, Supplement, Swindle, Swipe, Tack On, Tag, Tag On, Tailpiece, Take, Take On, Take Over, Take Possession, Take Up, Thieve, Tighten, Trice Up, Trim, Undergirding, Unite, Unite With, Walk Off With, Wing