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Annihilate Abate, Abolish, Abrogate, Abscind, Amputate, Annul, Ban, Bar, Bereave Of Life, Blot Out, Bob, Bring To Naught, Cancel, Carry Away, Carry Off, Chloroform, Clip, Crop, Cull, Cut, Cut Away, Cut Down, Cut Off, Cut Out, Decimate, Demolish, Deprive Of Life, Deracinate, Destroy, Dispatch, Dispose Of, Do Away With, Do For, Do To Death, Dock, Efface, Eliminate, End, Enucleate, Eradicate, Erase, Except, Excise, Exclude, Execute, Expunge, Exterminate, Extinguish, Extirpate, Finish, Finish Off, Immolate, Invalidate, Isolate, Kill, Knock Off, Launch Into Eternity, Liquidate, Lop, Lynch, Make Away With, Martyr, Martyrize, Massacre, Murder, Mutilate, Negate, Negative, Nip, Nullify, Obliterate, Pare, Peel, Pick Out, Poison, Prune, Purge, Put Away, Put Down, Put To Death, Put To Sleep, Quash, Quell, Quench, Raze, Remove, Remove From Life, Repeal, Revoke, Root Out, Root Up, Rout, Ruin, Rule Out, Sacrifice, Set Apart, Set Aside, Shave, Shear, Slay, Squash, Stamp Out, Starve, Strike Off, Strip, Strip Off, Suppress, Sweep Away, Take Life, Take Off, Take Out, Truncate, Unbuild, Undo, Uproot, Vitiate, Void, Wipe Out, Wrack, Wreck