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Anticipate Announce, Antecede, Antedate, Anticipation, Apprehend, Approach, Avert, Await, Bar, Be Before, Be Destined, Be Early, Be Fated, Be Imminent, Be To Be, Be To Come, Come, Come Before, Come On, Contemplate, Count On, Debar, Deflect, Deter, Discourage, Dishearten, Divine, Draw Near, Draw On, Dread, Envisage, Envision, Estop, Exclude, Expect, Expectation, Face, Fend, Fend Off, Forbid, Forecast, Foreclose, Foreglimpse, Foreknow, Forerun, Foresee, Forestall, Foretaste, Foretell, Get Ahead Of, Go Before, Go Off Half-Cocked, Have In Mind, Help, Herald, Hope, Intercept, Jump The Gun, Keep From, Keep Off, Lie Ahead, Look Ahead, Look Beyond, Look For, Look Forward To, Look Out For, Loom, Near, Nullify, Obviate, Plan, Plot, Precede, Preclude, Precurse, Predate, Predict, Preexist, Prepare For, Presage, Presume, Prevent, Prevision, Proclaim, Prohibit, Project, Prophesy, Reckon On, Repel, Rule Out, Save, See, See Ahead, See Beforehand, Stave Off, Take For Granted, Think, Threaten, Turn Aside, Usher In, Visualize, Ward Off, Win The Start