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Antithetical Adversary, Adversative, Adverse, Adversive, Alien, Antagonistic, Anti, Antipathetic, Antipodal, Antipodean, Antithetic, Antonymous, At Cross-Purposes, Balancing, Clashing, Compensating, Competitive, Con, Conflicting, Confronting, Contradictory, Contradistinct, Contrapositive, Contrarious, Contrary, Contrasted, Converse, Counter, Counterbalancing, Counterpoised, Countervailing, Cross, Dead Against, Disaccordant, Discordant, Discrepant, Dissentient, Enemy, Eyeball To Eyeball, Eyeball-To-Eyeball, Facing, Fractious, Hostile, Inconsistent, Inimical, Inverse, Negative, Noncooperative, Obstinate, Obverse, Opponent, Opposed, Opposing, Opposite, Oppositional, Oppositive, Oppugnant, Overthwart, Perverse, Polar, Polaric, Polarized, Recalcitrant, Refractory, Repugnant, Reverse, Rival, Squared Off, Uncooperative, Unfavorable, Unfriendly, Unpropitious