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Apace Pdq, Amain, At Flank Speed, At Once, By Forced Marches, Cursorily, Decisively, Directly, Double-Quick, Expeditiously, Fast, Feverishly, Flat-Out, Forthwith, Furiously, Hand Over Fist, Hand Over Hand, Hastily, Hell For Leather, Hell-Bent, Hell-Bent For Election, Helter-Skelter, Hotfoot, Hurriedly, Hurry-Scurry, Immediately, In Double Time, In Double-Quick Time, In High, In High Gear, In No Time, In Passing, In Seven-League Boots, Instanter, Instantly, Lickety-Cut, Lickety-Split, On The Double, On The Instant, On The Run, On The Spot, Pell-Mell, Post, Posthaste, Pretty Damned Quick, Promptly, Pronto, Quick, Quickly, Rapidly, Right Away, Right Off, Slapdash, Smartly, Snappily, Speedily, Straightaway, Straightway, Subito, Summarily, Superficially, Swiftly, Trippingly, Under Forced Draft, Whip And Spur, With A Rush, With All Haste, With All Speed, With Dispatch, With Giant Strides, With Haste, With Rapid Strides, With Speed, Without Delay, Without Further Delay