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Apologetic Abject, Apologia, Ascetic, Atoning, Cleansing, Compensational, Compensatory, Compunctious, Conscience-Stricken, Contrite, Defense, Excusatory, Excusing, Expiatory, Extenuating, Extenuative, Humble, Humbled, Justification, Justificatory, Justifying, Lustral, Lustrational, Lustrative, Melted, Palliative, Penitent, Penitential, Penitentiary, Piacular, Propitiatory, Purgative, Purgatorial, Purifying, Reclamatory, Recompensing, Redeeming, Redemptive, Redressing, Refuting, Regretful, Rehabilitative, Remorseful, Reparative, Reparatory, Repentant, Repenting, Restitutional, Restitutive, Restitutory, Righting, Rueful, Satisfactional, Sheepish, Softened, Sorry, Squaring, Touched, Vindicative, Vindicatory