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Apothegm Adage, Ana, Analects, Aphorism, Axiom, Bon Mot, Boutade, Bright Idea, Bright Thought, Brilliant Idea, Brocard, Byword, Catchword, Collected Sayings, Conceit, Crack, Current Saying, Dictate, Dictum, Distich, Epigram, Expression, Facetiae, Flash Of Wit, Flight Of Wit, Gibe, Gnome, Golden Saying, Happy Thought, Maxim, Moral, Mot, Motto, Nasty Crack, Oracle, Persiflage, Phrase, Pithy Saying, Play Of Wit, Pleasantry, Precept, Prescript, Proverb, Proverbial Saying, Proverbs, Quip, Quips And Cranks, Repartee, Retort, Riposte, Rule, Sally, Saw, Saying, Scintillation, Sentence, Sententious Expression, Sloka, Smart Crack, Smart Saying, Snappy Comeback, Stock Saying, Stroke Of Wit, Sutra, Teaching, Text, Truism, Turn Of Thought, Verse, Wisdom, Wisdom Literature, Wise Saying, Wisecrack, Witticism, Word, Words Of Wisdom