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Appeal Angelus, Ave, Ave Maria, Hail Mary, Kyrie Eleison, Paternoster, Acceptability, Adjuration, Adjure, Adorability, Agacerie, Agreeability, Aid Prayer, Allure, Allurement, Amiability, Appeal Motion, Appeal To, Appealingness, Application, Application For Retrial, Apply, Asking, Attract, Attraction, Attractiveness, Be Attractive, Beadroll, Beads, Beckon, Beg, Beguile, Beguilement, Beguiling, Beseech, Beseechment, Bewitchery, Bewitchment, Bid, Bidding Prayer, Blandishment, Brace, Breviary, Cajolery, Call, Call For Help, Call On, Call Upon, Captivation, Certiorari, Chaplet, Charisma, Charm, Charmingness, Clamor, Clamor For, Collect, Come-Hither, Communion, Conjure, Contemplation, Crave, Cry, Cry For, Cry On, Cry To, Delightfulness, Desirability, Devotions, Draw, Drawing Power, Enchantment, Engage, Enravishment, Enthrallment, Enticement, Entrancement, Entrapment, Entreat, Entreaty, Excite, Exquisiteness, Fascinate, Fascination, Fetch, Flirtation, Forbidden Fruit, Glamour, Grace, Impetrate, Impetration, Imploration, Implore, Imploring, Importune, Imprecate, Imprecation, Inducement, Intercession, Interest, Intrigue, Inveiglement, Invitation, Invite, Invitingness, Invocation, Invocatory Plea, Invoke, Kneel To, Likability, Litany, Lovability, Loveliness, Lovesomeness, Lure, Luxury, Magnetism, Meditation, Obsecration, Obtest, Obtestation, Orison, Petition, Plea, Plead, Plead For, Pleasantness, Please, Pray, Prayer, Prayer Wheel, Provocativeness, Pull, Request, Requesting, Rogation, Rosary, Run To, Seducement, Seduction, Seductiveness, Sensuousness, Sex Appeal, Silent Prayer, Snaring, Solicit, Solicitation, Sue, Sue For, Suit, Summon, Supplicate, Supplication, Sweetness, Tantalization, Tantalize, Tantalizingness, Tease, Tempt, Temptation, Temptingness, Thanks, Thanksgiving, Tickle, Titillate, Unobjectionableness, Voluptuousness, Whet The Appetite, Winning Ways, Winningness, Winsomeness, Witchcraft, Witchery, Wooing, Writ Of Certiorari, Writ Of Error