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Appear Act, Act As Foil, Appear Like, Approach, Arise, Arrive, Assister, Attend, Barnstorm, Be At, Be Evident, Be Noticeable, Be Present At, Be Revealed, Be Seen, Be Visible, Become Known, Become Manifest, Become Visible, Break Forth, Catch, Chance, Come, Come Along, Come Forth, Come Forward, Come In Sight, Come Into Being, Come Into Existence, Come On, Come Out, Come To, Come To Hand, Come To Light, Come Up, Crop Out, Crop Up, Do, Draw On, Emanate, Emerge, Emote, Emotionalize, Enter, Fade In, Feel, Figure, Get Out, Get Top Billing, Glare, Go To, Happen, Have No Secrets, Heave In Sight, Issue, Issue Forth, Leak Out, Look, Look Forth, Look Like, Look On, Loom, Loom Large, Manifest Itself, Materialize, Meet The Gaze, Mime, Occur, Open Up, Out, Outcrop, Pantomime, Patter, Peep Out, Perform, Play, Play The Lead, Playact, Pop Up, Present Itself, Rear Its Head, Register, Rise, See, See The Light, Seem, Seem Like, Seem To Be, Shine Out, Shine Through, Show, Show Its Colors, Show Its Face, Show Through, Show Up, Sit In, Sketch, Sound, Sound Like, Speak Out, Speak Up, Spring, Spring Up, Stand Forth, Stand Out, Stand Revealed, Star, Steal The Show, Stooge, Stream Forth, Strike The Eye, Surface, Take A Stand, Take In, Transpire, Tread The Boards, Troupe, Turn Up, Upstage, Vise, Visit, Watch, Witness