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Appendage Accession, Accessories, Accessory, Accident, Accidental, Accompaniment, Addenda, Addendum, Additament, Addition, Additive, Additory, Additum, Adherent, Adjunct, Adjuvant, Annex, Annexation, Appanage, Appanages, Appendages, Appendant, Appendix, Appointments, Appurtenance, Appurtenances, Appurtenant, Arm, Attachment, Attendant, Augment, Augmentation, Auxiliary, Belongings, Bough, Branch, Buff, Cavaliere Servente, Choses, Choses In Action, Choses In Possession, Choses Local, Choses Transitory, Coda, Collateral, Complement, Concomitant, Contingency, Contingent, Continuation, Corollary, Courtier, Dangler, Dependent, Disciple, Extension, Extra, Extrapolation, Fan, Fixture, Flunky, Follower, Following, Hand, Hanger-On, Happenstance, Heeler, Henchman, Homme De Cour, Imp, Incidental, Increase, Increment, Inessential, Joint, Leg, Limb, Link, Lobe, Lobule, Man, Material Things, Member, Mere Chance, Movables, Nonessential, Not-Self, Offshoot, Organ, Other, Paraphernalia, Parasite, Partisan, Pendant, Perquisites, Personal Effects, Pinion, Public, Pursuer, Pursuivant, Ramification, Reinforcement, Retainer, Runner, Satellite, Scion, Secondary, Sectary, Servant, Shadow, Side Effect, Side Issue, Spray, Sprig, Spur, Stooge, Subsidiary, Successor, Superaddition, Supplement, Supporter, Switch, Tagtail, Tail, Tailpiece, Tendril, Things, Trainbearer, Trappings, Twig, Undergirding, Unessential, Votary, Ward Heeler, Wing