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Apply Accouter, Accredit, Address, Administer, Affix, Allot, Ally, Appeal, Appertain, Apply For, Apply To, Appoint, Appropriate, Ascribe, Ask, Ask For, Assign, Associate, Attach, Attend, Attribute, Audition, Authorize, Bear, Beg, Beg Leave, Bend, Beseech, Bespeak, Bestow, Bid, Bind, Blanket, Block, Bracket, Buckle Down, Call For, Call On, Call Upon, Canopy, Carry Out, Cement, Circulate A Petition, Cloak, Clothe, Cloud, Commission, Commit, Concentrate, Connect, Cope, Correlate, Couple, Cover, Cover Up, Cowl, Crave, Credit, Curtain, Dedicate, Demand, Desire, Devote, Direct, Do, Dose, Dose With, Draw A Parallel, Dress Up, Drudge, Eclipse, Embellish, Embrocate, Employ, Enforce, Enforce Upon, Enrich, Entreat, Equate, Equip, Exercise, Exploit, Fasten, File For, Film, Finger, Fit Out, Fix, Focus, Force, Force Upon, Furbish, Garnish, Gear, Give, Glue, Go, Go After, Grind, Handle, Hood, Identify, Implore, Importune, Impute, Indent, Interrelate, Interview, Lay On, Lay Over, Link, Make, Make A Request, Make A Requisition, Make Application, Mantle, Mask, Memorialize, Mete Out To, Muffle, Name, Nominate, Obduce, Obscure, Occult, Order, Outfit, Overlay, Overspread, Parallel, Parallelize, Pay Attention, Pertain, Petition, Place, Pray, Prefer A Petition, Prescribe For, Press, Put, Put In, Put In For, Put In Force, Put In Practice, Put Into Execution, Put On, Put To Use, Put Upon, Recur, Refer, Register, Relate, Relativize, Repair, Request, Requisition, Rig, Rub In, Rub On, Run, Screen, Scum, Seek, Set About, Set Off, Shield, Sign A Petition, Solicit, Spread Over, Spruce Up, Stick, Sue, Suit, Superimpose, Superpose, Supplicate, Take On, Tap, Tend, Throw, Tie, Toil, Try Out, Turn, Turn Out, Undertake, Urge, Use, Utilize, Veil, Wed, Whistle For, Wish