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Appointment Accession, Allocation, Allotment, Anointing, Anointment, Apostolic Orders, Appropriation, Arrangement, Arrogation, Assignation, Assignment, Assumption, Authorization, Berth, Bespeaking, Billet, Blind Date, Booking, Brevet, Briefing, Bull, Calling, Canonization, Choice, Conferment, Connection, Consecration, Coronation, Date, Declaration, Decree, Decree-Law, Decreement, Decretal, Decretum, Delegation, Deputation, Designation, Dictum, Diktat, Double Date, Earmarking, Edict, Edictum, Election, Employment, Empowerment, Engagement, Engagement Book, Fiat, Gig, Hiring, Holy Orders, Incumbency, Induction, Installation, Institution, Interview, Investiture, Ipse Dixit, Job, Law, Legitimate Succession, Major Orders, Meeting, Minor Orders, Moonlighting, Naming, Nomination, Office, Opening, Ordainment, Orders, Ordinance, Ordination, Ordonnance, Place, Political Election, Position, Post, Posting, Preengagement, Preferment, Presentation, Proclamation, Pronouncement, Pronunciamento, Reading In, Rendezvous, Rescript, Reservation, Retainment, Rule, Ruling, Second Job, Seizure, Selection, Senatus Consult, Senatus Consultum, Service, Setting Aside, Situation, Slot, Spot, Station, Succession, Tabbing, Tagging, Taking On, Taking Over, Tenure, Transferral, Tryst, Ukase, Usurpation, Vacancy