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Apprehend Absorb, Accept, Anticipate, Appreciate, Arrest, Assimilate, Be Acquainted With, Be Afraid, Be Apprised Of, Be Aware Of, Be Cognizant Of, Be Conscious Of, Be Conversant With, Be Informed, Be Sensible Of, Be With One, Bode, Bust, Capture, Catch, Catch On, Cognize, Collar, Compass, Comprehend, Conceive, Conceptualize, Cotton To, Croak, Detain, Dig, Digest, Discern, Divine, Dread, Experience, Eye Askance, Fathom, Fear, Feel, Follow, Forebode, Foreknow, Forewarn, Get, Get Hold Of, Get The Drift, Get The Idea, Get The Picture, Grab, Grasp, Have, Have A Premonition, Have A Presentiment, Have Information About, Have It Taped, Have Knowledge Of, Have Qualms, Hear, Ken, Know, Learn, Look Black, Lower, Make An Arrest, Make Out, Master, Menace, Misgive, Nab, Net, Penetrate, Perceive, Pick Up, Pinch, Portend, Possess, Preapprehend, Prehend, Prevision, Pull In, Put Under Arrest, Read, Realize, Recognize, Respond, Respond To Stimuli, Run In, Savvy, See, Seize, Seize The Meaning, Sense, Sit Upon Thorns, Smell, Stand Aghast, Take, Take Captive, Take In, Take Into Custody, Take Prisoner, Taste, Threaten, Touch, Tumble To, Twig, Understand, Visualize, Warn, Wot, Wot Of