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Apprehension Iq, Pyrrhonism, Abduction, Agitation, Alarm, All-Overs, Angst, Anxiety, Anxiety Hysteria, Anxiety Neurosis, Anxious Bench, Anxious Concern, Anxious Seat, Anxiousness, Apprehensiveness, Arrest, Arrestation, Arrestment, Boding, Bust, Caliber, Cankerworm Of Care, Capacity, Capture, Care, Catch, Catching, Clairvoyance, Cliff-Hanging, Collaring, Command, Comprehension, Conceit, Concept, Conception, Conceptualization, Concern, Concernment, Coup, Deductive Power, Detention, Diffidence, Disquiet, Disquietude, Distress, Distrust, Distrustfulness, Disturbance, Doubt, Doubtfulness, Dragnet, Dread, Dubiety, Dubiousness, Esemplastic Power, Expectant Waiting, Faith, Fancy, Fear, Forcible Seizure, Foreboding, Forebodingness, Foreknowledge, Grab, Grabbing, Grasp, Grip, Half-Belief, Hold, Idea, Ideation, Image, Imago, Impression, Inquietude, Integrative Power, Intellect, Intellection, Intellectual Grasp, Intellectual Object, Intellectual Power, Intellectualism, Intellectuality, Intelligence, Intelligence Quotient, Kidnapping, Knowledge, Leeriness, Malaise, Mastery, Memory-Trace, Mental Age, Mental Capacity, Mental Grasp, Mental Image, Mental Impression, Mental Ratio, Mentality, Misdoubt, Misgiving, Mistrust, Mistrustfulness, Mother Wit, Nab, Nabbing, Native Wit, Nervous Strain, Nervous Tension, Nervousness, Netting, Notion, Observation, Opinion, Overanxiety, Panic, Perception, Perturbation, Pessimism, Picking Up, Pickup, Pinch, Pins And Needles, Possession, Power Grab, Power Of Mind, Precognition, Prehension, Premonition, Prenotion, Presage, Presentiment, Pucker, Qualm, Qualmishness, Question, Rationality, Reasoning Power, Recept, Reflection, Reliance, Representation, Running In, Sanity, Savvy, Scope Of Mind, Scruple, Scrupulousness, Seizure, Seizure Of Power, Self-Doubt, Sense, Sentiment, Shadow Of Doubt, Skepticalness, Skepticism, Snatch, Snatching, Solicitude, Stew, Strain, Supposition, Suspense, Suspicion, Suspiciousness, Taking In, Taking Into Custody, Tension, Theory, Thinking Power, Thought, Total Skepticism, Trouble, Trust, Uncertainty, Understanding, Unease, Uneasiness, Unquietness, Upset, Vexation, Waiting, Wariness, Wisdom, Wit, Worry, Zeal