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Appropriate A Propos, Absorb, Abstract, Acceptable, According To Hoyle, Accroach, Ad Rem, Adapted, Admissible, Adopt, Advantageous, Advisable, Agreeable, Allocate, Allot, And, Annex, Appertaining, Applicable, Applying, Appoint, Apportion, Apposite, Appropriate, Appropriate To, Apropos, Apt, Arrogate, Assign, Assign To, Assimilate, Assume, Auspicious, Bag, Banausic, Becoming, Befitting, Belonging, Beneficial, Boost, Borrow, Characteristic, Civil, Claim, Colonize, Comely, Commandeer, Commodious, Condign, Confiscate, Congruous, Conquer, Conscript, Convenient, Cop, Copy, Correct, Crib, Decent, Decorous, Defraud, Derive From, Deserved, Desirable, Desired, Despoil, Destine, Detail, Devote, Digest, Distinctive, Distinguished, Dovetailing, Draft, Due, Earmark, Eligible, Embezzle, Employable, Encroach, Enjoyable, Enslave, Entitled, Exact, Expedient, Expropriate, Extort, Fair, Fate, Favorable, Feasible, Felicitous, Filch, Fit, Fitted, Fitten, Fitting, Forage, Fortunate, Fructuous, Functional, Geared, Genteel, Germane, Good, Good For, Grab, Grasp, Happy, Helpful, Hog, Hook, Idiocratic, Idiosyncratic, Imitate, Impound, In Character, In Point, Indent, Infringe, Infringe A Copyright, Inspired, Intrinsic, Invade, Involving, Jump A Claim, Just, Just Right, Kosher, Lay Hold Of, Lift, Likely, Lot, Lucky, Make Assignments, Make Free With, Make Off With, Make Use Of, Mark Off, Mark Out For, Marked, Material, Meet, Merited, Meshing, Metabolize, Mock, Monopolize, Nice, Nick, Nip, Normal, Normative, Occupy, Of General Utility, Of Help, Of Service, Of Use, On The Button, Opportune, Ordain, Overrun, Palm, Pat, Peculiar, Pertaining, Pertinent, Pilfer, Pinch, Pirate, Plagiarize, Play God, Pleasant, Poach, Politic, Portion Off, Practical, Pragmatical, Predigest, Preempt, Preoccupy, Prepossess, Press, Pretend To, Profitable, Proper, Propitious, Providential, Purloin, Qualified, Quintessential, Raid, Recommendable, Relevant, Requisite, Requisition, Reserve, Restrict, Restrict To, Right, Right And Proper, Righteous, Rightful, Ripe, Run Away With, Rustle, Schedule, Scrounge, Seasonable, Seemly, Seize, Sequester, Serviceable, Set, Set Apart, Set Aside, Set Off, Shoplift, Simulate, Single, Singular, Sit On, Snare, Snatch, Snitch, Sortable, Spoil, Squat On, Steal, Subjugate, Suitable, Suited, Suiting, Swindle, Swipe, Tag, Tailored, Take, Take All Of, Take It All, Take On, Take Over, Take Possession Of, Take Up, Thieve, Timely, To Be Desired, To The Point, To The Purpose, Trespass, True To Form, Unique, Urbane, Useful, Usurp, Utilitarian, Walk Off With, Well-Chosen, Well-Expressed, Well-Put, Well-Timed, Wise, Worthwhile, Worthy, Wrench