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Approve Ok, Accede To, Accept, Accord To, Accredit, Admire, Adopt, Affiliate, Affirm, Agree To, Allow, Amen, Applaud, Approve Of, Argue, Assent, Assent To, Attest, Authenticate, Authorize, Autograph, Back Up, Be Partial To, Be Willing, Bear, Bespeak, Betoken, Bless, Breathe, Carry, Certify, Clear, Commend, Compliment, Condescend, Condone, Confirm, Connive At, Connote, Consent, Consent To Silently, Cosign, Countenance, Countersign, Deign, Demonstrate, Denote, Display, Embrace, Endorse, Endure, Espouse, Esteem, Evidence, Evince, Exhibit, Express, Favor, Furnish Evidence, Give Consent, Give Indication Of, Give Permission, Give The Go-Ahead, Give The Imprimatur, Give Thumbs Up, Go Along With, Go For, Go In For, Go To Show, Grant, Have No Objection, Have Regard For, Hold With, Illustrate, Imply, Indicate, Initial, Involve, Keep In Countenance, Like, Manifest, Mark, Nod, Nod Assent, Not Refuse, Notarize, Okay, Pass, Pass On, Pass Upon, Permit, Point To, Put Up With, Ratify, Recommend, Respect, Rubber Stamp, Rubber-Stamp, Sanction, Say Amen To, Say Aye, Say Yes, Seal, Second, Set Forth, Show, Show Signs Of, Sign, Sign And Seal, Signalize, Signify, Speak For Itself, Speak Volumes, Stand By, Subscribe To, Suggest, Support, Sustain, Swear And Affirm, Swear To, Symptomatize, Take Kindly To, Take Up, Tell, Tend To Show, Think Well Of, Tolerate, Undersign, Underwrite, Uphold, Validate, View With Favor, Visa, Vise, Vote Affirmatively, Vote Aye, Warrant, Wink At, Yield Assent