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Approximate Accost, Advance, Advancing, Ape, Appear Like, Approach, Approaching, Appropinquate, Approximating, Approximative, Arm-In-Arm, Assimilate, Attracted To, Be Around, Be Like, Be Near, Be Redolent Of, Bear Down On, Bear Down Upon, Bear Resemblance, Bear Up, Begin To, Bring Near, Bring To Mind, Burning, Call, Call To Mind, Call Up, Cheek-By-Jowl, Close, Close In, Close With, Come, Come Close, Come Closer, Come Forward, Come Near, Come On, Come Up, Coming, Comparable, Compare With, Confront, Connaturalize, Copy, Correspond, Counterfeit, Draw Near, Draw Nigh, Drawn To, Encounter, Estimated, Evoke, Favor, Follow, Forthcoming, Gain Upon, Get Warm, Hand-In-Hand, Homologous, Hot, Imitate, Imminent, Imprecise, Inaccurate, Incorrect, Inexact, Intimate, Judge, Lax, Like, Look Like, Loose, Match, Mimic, Mirror, Much At One, Much The Same, Narrow The Gap, Near, Near The Mark, Nearing, Nearish, Nearly Reproduce, Nearly The Same, Negligent, Nigh, Nighish, Not Tell Apart, Oncoming, Out Of Line, Out Of Plumb, Out Of Square, Out Of True, Parallel, Partake Of, Place, Propinque, Proximal, Proximate, Put, Quasi, Reckon, Relatable, Relative, Remind One Of, Resemble, Rough, Rude, Same But Different, Savor Of, Seem Like, Side-By-Side, Sidle Up To, Similar, Similarize, Simulate, Smack Of, Sound Like, Stack Up With, Step Up, Suggest, Take After, To Come, Unfactual, Unprecise, Unrigorous, Upcoming, Verge On, Vicinal, Warm