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Apt Daedalian, A Propos, Ad Rem, Adapted, Adept, Adroit, Alert, Applicable, Apposite, Appropriate, Apropos, Artistic, Authoritative, Becoming, Befitting, Bent, Brainy, Bravura, Bright, Brilliant, Clean, Clever, Comely, Compelling, Convincing, Coordinated, Correct, Crack, Crackerjack, Cunning, Cute, Daedal, Decisive, Deft, Dexterous, Dextrous, Diplomatic, Disposed, Dispositioned, Docile, Dovetailing, Educable, Exact, Excellent, Expeditious, Expert, Facile, Fair, Fancy, Felicitous, Fit, Fitted, Fitting, Foreseeable, Formable, Geared, Gifted, Given, Good, Goodish, Graceful, Handy, Happy, Hopeful, Immediate, Impressionable, In The Cards, In The Mood, Inclined, Ingenious, Inspired, Instant, Instantaneous, Instructable, Intelligent, Just, Just Right, Keen, Keen-Witted, Liable, Likely, Magisterial, Malleable, Masterful, Masterly, Meet, Meshing, Minded, Moldable, Motivated, Neat, Nice, Nimble, Nimble-Witted, No Dumbbell, No Mean, Not Born Yesterday, Odds-On, On The Button, Opportune, Pat, Pertinent, Plastic, Pliable, Politic, Precise, Predictable, Predictable Within Limits, Predisposed, Presumable, Presumptive, Probable, Professional, Proficient, Promising, Prompt, Prone, Proper, Punctual, Qualified, Quick, Quick-Thinking, Quick-Witted, Quite Some, Ready, Receptive, Relevant, Resourceful, Right, Ripe For Instruction, Schoolable, Scintillating, Seasonable, Seemly, Sharp, Sharp-Witted, Skillful, Slick, Smart, Some, Sortable, Speedy, Statesmanlike, Statistically Probable, Steel-Trap, Stylish, Suitable, Suited, Suiting, Summary, Susceptible, Swift, Tactful, Tailored, Talented, Teachable, Telling, The Compleat, The Complete, Thirsty For Knowledge, To The Point, To The Purpose, Trainable, Verisimilar, Virtuoso, Well-Chosen, Well-Done, Well-Expressed, Well-Put, Willing, Workmanlike