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Aquiline Roman-Nosed, Altricial, Anserine, Anserous, Aquiline-Nosed, Avian, Avicular, Beak-Nosed, Beak-Shaped, Beaked, Bill-Like, Bill-Shaped, Billed, Birdlike, Birdy, Clawlike, Columbine, Crookbilled, Crooked, Crooknosed, Dovelike, Down-Curving, Goosy, Hamate, Hamiform, Hamulate, Hawklike, Hooked, Hooklike, Nesting, Nidicolous, Nidificant, Oscine, Parrot-Nosed, Passerine, Psittacine, Rasorial, Rhamphoid, Rostrate, Rostriform, Unciform, Uncinate, Unguiform