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Arcane Abstract, Abstruse, Cabalistic, Censored, Classified, Close, Closed, Concealed, Cryptic, Dark, Deep, Eerie, Enigmatic, Esoteric, Extramundane, Extraterrestrial, Fey, Hermetic, Hidden, Hush-Hush, Hypernormal, Hyperphysical, Impenetrable, Inscrutable, Latent, Mysterious, Mystic, Mystical, Numinous, Occult, Otherworldly, Preterhuman, Preternatural, Preternormal, Pretersensual, Profound, Psychic, Recondite, Restricted, Secret, Smothered, Spiritual, Stifled, Superhuman, Supernatural, Supernormal, Superphysical, Supersensible, Supersensual, Suppressed, Supramundane, Supranatural, Top Secret, Transcendental, Transmundane, Ulterior, Unaccountable, Unbreatheable, Uncanny, Under Security, Under Wraps, Undisclosable, Undisclosed, Undivulgable, Undivulged, Unearthly, Unguessed, Unhuman, Unknowable, Unrevealable, Unrevealed, Unspoken, Untellable, Untold, Unutterable, Unuttered, Unwhisperable, Unworldly, Weird