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Ardor Amor, Christian Love, Eros, Platonic Love, Abandon, Acquiescence, Activity, Admiration, Adoration, Affection, Agape, Agreeability, Agreeableness, Alacrity, Allegiance, Amenability, Anger, Animation, Application, Ardency, Assiduity, Assiduousness, Attachment, Avidity, Bodily Love, Brio, Briskness, Brotherly Love, Calenture, Caritas, Charity, Cheerful Consent, Commitment, Committedness, Compliance, Concentration, Concupiscence, Conjugal Love, Consent, Cooperativeness, Curiosity, Dedication, Desideration, Desire, Devotedness, Devotion, Devoutness, Diligence, Docility, Drive, Eagerness, Earnestness, Ecstasy, Elan, Energeticalness, Energy, Enthusiasm, Excitement, Faith, Faithful Love, Faithfulness, Fancy, Fantasy, Favorable Disposition, Favorableness, Fealty, Fervency, Fervidity, Fervidness, Fervor, Fidelity, Fieriness, Fire, Flame, Fondness, Forwardness, Free Love, Free-Lovism, Furor, Fury, Galvanization, Gameness, Glow, Goodwill, Gusto, Heart, Heartiness, Heat, Heatedness, Hero Worship, Hope, Horme, Hurrah, Idolatry, Idolism, Idolization, Impassionedness, Impetuosity, Impetus, Indefatigability, Industriousness, Industry, Intellectual Curiosity, Intensity, Intentness, Joie De Vivre, Keenness, Laboriousness, Lasciviousness, Libido, Life, Like, Liking, Liveliness, Love, Lovemaking, Loyalty, Lust For Learning, Lustiness, Married Love, Mettle, Mind, Need, Passion, Passionateness, Perkiness, Pertness, Physical Love, Piety, Pleasure, Pleasure Principle, Pliability, Pliancy, Popular Regard, Popularity, Promptness, Quickening, Readiness, Receptive Mood, Receptiveness, Receptivity, Regard, Relentlessness, Relish, Resolution, Responsiveness, Right Mood, Robustness, Savor, Sedulity, Sedulousness, Sentiment, Seriousness, Sex, Sexual Desire, Sexual Love, Shine, Sincerity, Soul, Spirit, Spiritedness, Spiritual Love, Stimulation, Strenuousness, Tender Feeling, Tender Passion, Thirst For Knowledge, Tirelessness, Tractability, Truelove, Ungrudgingness, Unloathness, Unreluctance, Unsparingness, Urge, Uxoriousness, Vehemence, Verve, Vivacity, Want, Wanting, Warmth, Warmth Of Feeling, Weakness, Will, Will And Pleasure, Willing Ear, Willing Heart, Willingness, Wish, Wish Fulfillment, Worship, Yearning, Zeal, Zealousness, Zest, Zestfulness, Zing