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Area Abode, Academic Discipline, Academic Specialty, Acreage, Airspace, Amplitude, Applied Science, Arena, Arrondissement, Art, Bag, Bailiwick, Bearings, Beat, Belt, Bench Mark, Bigness, Block, Body, Breadth, Bulk, Caliber, Circuit, Classical Education, Close, Compass, Concern, Confines, Continental Shelf, Continuum, Core Curriculum, Corridor, Country, Course, Course Of Study, Court, Courtyard, Coverage, Cup Of Tea, Curriculum, Demesne, Department, Department Of Knowledge, Depth, Diameter, Dimension, Dimensions, Discipline, District, Division, Domain, Elective, Emplacement, Emptiness, Empty Space, Enclosure, Environs, Expanse, Expansion, Extension, Extent, Field, Field Of Inquiry, Field Of Study, Forte, Galactic Space, Gauge, General Education, General Studies, Girth, Greatness, Ground, Heartland, Height, Hinterland, Hole, Humanities, Infinite Space, Interstellar Space, Land, Largeness, Latitude And Longitude, Length, Liberal Arts, Lieu, Limit, Line, Locale, Locality, Location, Locus, Long Suit, Lot, Magnitude, Main Interest, Major, Manner, Mass, Measure, Measurement, Metier, Milieu, Minor, Natural Science, Neighborhood, Nothingness, Offshore Rights, Ology, Orb, Orbit, Outer Space, Parade, Part, Parts, Pet Subject, Pinpoint, Place, Placement, Plot, Point, Position, Precinct, Precincts, Premises, Proportion, Proportions, Proseminar, Province, Pure Science, Purlieus, Pursuit, Quadrivium, Quarter, Radius, Range, Reach, Realm, Refresher Course, Region, Room, Round, Salient, Scale, Science, Scientific Education, Scope, Section, Seminar, Site, Situation, Situs, Size, Social Science, Soil, Space, Spatial Extension, Specialism, Speciality, Specialization, Specialty, Sphere, Spot, Spread, Square, Stead, Stretch, Strong Point, Study, Style, Subdiscipline, Subject, Superficial Extension, Surface, Technical Education, Technicality, Technicology, Technics, Technology, Terrain, Territory, Thing, Three-Mile Limit, Tract, Trivium, Twelve-Mile Limit, Type, Vicinage, Vicinity, Vocation, Void, Volume, Walk, Way, Weakness, Whereabout, Whereabouts, Width, Yard, Zone