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Argue Affirm, Agitate, Allege, Altercate, Analyze, Announce, Annunciate, Approve, Argufy, Assert, Assever, Asseverate, Attest, Aver, Avouch, Avow, Balk, Bandy Words, Be Construed As, Be Indicative Of, Be Significant Of, Be Symptomatic Of, Bespeak, Betoken, Bicker, Breathe, Canvass, Cavil, Characterize, Choplogic, Claim, Clash, Conflict, Connote, Contend, Contest, Convince, Cross Swords, Cut And Thrust, Debate, Declare, Defend, Demonstrate, Demur, Denominate, Denote, Differ, Differentiate, Disaccord, Disagree, Discept, Disclose, Discuss, Display, Dispute, Dissent, Dissuade, Entail, Enunciate, Establish, Evidence, Evince, Exhibit, Expostulate, Express, Fight, Furnish Evidence, Give And Take, Give Evidence, Give Indication Of, Give Token, Go To Show, Hassle, Have, Have It Out, Highlight, Hint, Hold, Identify, Illustrate, Imply, Import, Indicate, Insist, Investigate, Involve, Issue A Manifesto, Jib, Join Issue, Justify, Lay Down, Lock Horns, Logomachize, Maintain, Manifest, Manifesto, Mark, Mean, Moot, Note, Object, Persuade, Pettifog, Plead, Point To, Polemicize, Polemize, Predicate, Prevail Upon, Proclaim, Profess, Pronounce, Protest, Prove, Put, Put It, Quarrel, Quibble, Reason, Refer To, Remonstrate, Reveal, Review, Row, Say, Scrap, Set Down, Set Forth, Show, Show Signs Of, Sift, Signalize, Signify, Spar, Speak, Speak For Itself, Speak Out, Speak Up, Speak Volumes, Spell, Squabble, Stand For, Stand On, State, Study, Submit, Suggest, Symbolize, Symptomatize, Symptomize, Take Sides, Talk, Talk Out Of, Tell, Tend To Show, Testify, Thrash Out, Try Conclusions, Ventilate, Vindicate, Warrant, Witness, Wrangle