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Arise Accrue From, Appear, Approach, Arise From, Ascend, Aspire, Awake, Bail Out, Be Born, Be Contingent On, Be Due To, Become, Become Manifest, Become Visible, Begin, Break Cover, Break Forth, Break Out, Bristle, Bud From, Burst Forth, Chance, Climb, Cock Up, Come, Come Along, Come Forth, Come Forward, Come From, Come In Sight, Come Into Being, Come Into Existence, Come On, Come Out, Come Out Of, Come To Be, Come To Hand, Come To Light, Come Up, Commence, Crop Out, Crop Up, Curl Upwards, Debouch, Depend On, Derive From, Descend From, Disembogue, Draw On, Effuse, Emanate, Emanate From, Emerge, Emerge From, Ensue, Ensue From, Enter, Erupt, Extrude, Fade In, Flow, Flow From, Follow, Follow From, Germinate From, Get To Be, Get Up, Go Up, Greet The Day, Grow From, Grow Out Of, Grow Up, Hang On, Have Origin, Head, Heave In Sight, Hinge On, Hit The Deck, Insurge, Insurrect, Irrupt, Issue, Issue Forth, Issue From, Jump Out, Jump Up, Levitate, Lift, Look Forth, Loom, Materialize, Mount, Mount The Barricades, Mutineer, Mutiny, Originate, Originate In, Outcrop, Overthrow, Peep Out, Pile Out, Pop Up, Present Itself, Proceed, Proceed From, Protrude, Ramp, Rear, Rear Its Head, Rear Up, Rebel, Reluct, Reluctate, Revolt, Revolute, Revolution, Revolutionize, Riot, Rise, Rise Up, Roll Out, Run Riot, Sally, Sally Forth, See The Light, Show, Show Up, Sit Bolt Upright, Sit Up, Soar, Spiral, Spire, Spring From, Spring Up, Sprout From, Stand Up, Start, Start Up, Stem, Stem From, Stick Up, Stream Forth, Strike, Strike The Eye, Subvert, Succeed, Surface, Surge, Swarm Up, Sweep Up, Take Birth, Take Rise, Tower, Turn On, Turn Out, Turn Up, Up, Upgo, Upgrow, Upheave, Uprear, Uprise, Upspin, Upstream, Upsurge, Upswarm, Upwind, Vise, Wake Up