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Arouse Aggravate, Agitate, Alarm, Alert, Anger, Animate, Annoy, Awake, Awaken, Bestir, Blow The Coals, Blow Up, Bring Forth, Bring Out, Bring To Light, Bristle, Call Forth, Call Out, Call Up, Chafe, Challenge, Cry Havoc, Cry Wolf, Deduce, Derive, Drag Out, Draw Forth, Draw Out, Dynamize, Educe, Electrify, Elicit, Embitter, Encourage, Energize, Enkindle, Enliven, Enrage, Evoke, Exasperate, Excite, Exhilarate, Fan, Fan The Fire, Fan The Flame, Feed The Fire, Ferment, Fire, Flame, Fly Storm Warnings, Foment, Foster, Frenzy, Fret, Frighten, Galvanize, Get From, Get Out Of, Hearten, Heat, Heat Up, Huff, Impassion, Incense, Incite, Induce, Inflame, Infuriate, Instigate, Invigorate, Irritate, Jazz Up, Key Up, Kindle, Knock Up, Lather Up, Light The Fuse, Light Up, Liven, Madden, Miff, Move, Nettle, Obtain, Overexcite, Peeve, Pep Up, Perk Up, Pique, Procure, Provoke, Put Up To, Quicken, Raise, Raise Up, Rally, Rankle, Revive, Rile, Roil, Rouse, Ruffle, Secure, Set Astir, Set Fire To, Set On, Set On Fire, Set Up, Shake Up, Sic On, Snap Up, Sound The Alarm, Sound The Tocsin, Spark, Startle, Steam Up, Stimulate, Stir, Stir The Blood, Stir The Embers, Stir The Feelings, Stir Up, Summon Forth, Summon Up, Thrill, Tickle, Turn On, Vex, Vitalize, Wake, Wake Up, Waken, Wangle, Wangle Out Of, Warm, Warm The Blood, Warn, Whet, Whip Up, Winkle Out, Work Into, Work Up, Worm Out, Worm Out Of, Zip Up