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Arrange Accommodate, Adapt, Adjust, Align, Alphabetize, Analyze, Array, Assort, Blend, Blueprint, Break Down, Bring About, Bring To Terms, Calculate, Cast, Catalog, Categorize, Chart, Choreograph, Class, Classify, Clear For Action, Clear The Decks, Close, Close With, Codify, Compose, Concert, Conclude, Contrive, Cool Off, Cure, Cut Out, Decide, Deploy, Design, Determine, Devise, Digest, Dispose, Divide, Dope Out, Dress, Figure, File, Fix, Fix Up, Forecast, Form, Frame, Get Ready, Grade, Group, Harmonize, Hierarchize, Index, Instrument, Instrumentate, Integrate, Intend, Lay Out, Lay Plans, Line Up, List, Make A Projection, Make An Adaptation, Make Arrangements, Make Peace, Make Preparations, Make Ready, Make Up, Manipulate, Map Out, Marshal, Melodize, Methodize, Mobilize, Musicalize, Normalize, Orchestrate, Order, Organize, Pacify, Pigeonhole, Place, Plan, Plan Ahead, Position, Prearrange, Predetermine, Prep, Prepare, Pretreat, Process, Program, Project, Provide, Put In Order, Put In Shape, Put To Music, Put To Rights, Quiet, Range, Rank, Rate, Rationalize, Ready, Ready Up, Reduce To Order, Regularize, Regulate, Right, Routinize, Schedule, Schematize, Scheme, Score, Set, Set In Order, Set Out, Set To Music, Set To Rights, Set Up, Settle, Settle Preliminaries, Settle With, Shape, Sort, Sort Out, Standardize, Straighten Out, Structure, Subdivide, Symphonize, Synthesize, Systematize, Tabulate, Tan, Tranquilize, Transcribe, Transpose, Treat, Trim, Try Out, Type, Unify, Unsnarl, Whip Into Shape, Work Out, Work Up, Write