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Artful Byzantine, Machiavellian, Machiavellic, Acute, Adroit, Ambidextrous, Arch, Astute, Cagey, Calculating, Canny, Chiseling, Clever, Collusive, Covinous, Crafty, Crooked, Cunning, Cute, Deceitful, Deep, Deep-Laid, Designing, Devious, Dexterous, Diplomatic, Dishonest, Disingenuous, Double, Double-Dealing, Double-Faced, Double-Minded, Double-Tongued, Doublehearted, Duplicitous, Facile, Faithless, FALSE, False-Principled, Falsehearted, Feline, Finagling, Forsworn, Foxy, Fraudulent, Furtive, Guileful, Indirect, Ingenious, Insidious, Insincere, Inventive, Knowing, Oily, Pawky, Perfidious, Perjured, Politic, Ready, Resourceful, Scheming, Serpentine, Sharp, Shifty, Shrewd, Slick, Slippery, Sly, Smooth, Snaky, Sneaky, Sophistical, Specious, Stealthy, Strategic, Suave, Subtile, Subtle, Superficial, Supple, Surreptitious, Tactical, Treacherous, Trickish, Tricksy, Tricky, Two-Faced, Uncandid, Underhand, Underhanded, Unfrank, Unsincere, Untruthful, Vulpine, Wary, Wily