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Ascetic Albigensian, Apostolic, Apostolici, Catharist, Diogenes, Encratic, Encratite, Franciscan, Hieronymian, Hieronymite, Lenten, Pythagorean, Pythagorist, Rechabite, Sabbatarian, Shaker, Spartan, Stoic, Timon Of Athens, Trappist, Waldensian, Abbacomes, Abbot, Abstainer, Abstemious, Abstinent, Anchoress, Anchorite, Anchoritic, Apologetic, Astringent, Atoning, Austere, Bald, Banian, Bare, Beadsman, Bedridden Invalid, Bhikshu, Brother, Caloyer, Candid, Celibate, Cenobite, Chaste, Cleansing, Cloistered Monk, Closet Cynic, Common, Commonplace, Compensational, Compensatory, Continent, Conventual, Conventual Prior, Dervish, Desert Fathers, Desert Saints, Direct, Disciplined, Dry, Dull, Dwarfed, Dwarfish, Eremite, Eremitic, Exiguous, Expiatory, Fakir, Flagellant, Forbearing, Frank, Friar, Frugal, Fruitarian, Grand Prior, Gymnosophist, Hermit, Hermitess, Hieromonach, Homebody, Homely, Homespun, Hydropot, Impoverished, Invalid, Isolationist, Jejune, Lay Abbot, Lay Brother, Lean, Limited, Loner, Lustral, Lustrational, Lustrative, Marabout, Matter-Of-Fact, Meager, Mean, Mendicant, Miserly, Monastic, Monk, Mortified, Narrow, Natural, Neat, Nephalist, Nephalistic, Niggardly, On The Wagon, Open, Outcast, Palmer, Paltry, Pariah, Parsimonious, Penitential, Piacular, Pilgrim, Pillar Saint, Pillarist, Plain, Plain-Speaking, Plain-Spoken, Poor, Prior, Propitiatory, Prosaic, Prosing, Prosy, Puny, Pure, Purgative, Purgatorial, Purifying, Puritan, Puritanical, Reclamatory, Recluse, Recompensing, Redeeming, Redemptive, Redressing, Religieux, Religious, Reparative, Reparatory, Repentant, Repenting, Restitutional, Restitutive, Restitutory, Restrained, Righting, Rigoristic, Rustic, Sannyasi, Satisfactional, Scant, Scanty, Schooled, Scrawny, Scrimp, Scrimpy, Seclusionist, Self-Abasing, Self-Abnegating, Self-Denying, Self-Forgetful, Selfless, Severe, Sexually Abstinent, Shut-In, Simple, Simple-Speaking, Skimp, Skimpy, Slender, Slight, Slim, Small, Sober, Solitaire, Solitary, Solitudinarian, Spare, Sparing, Squaring, Stark, Starvation, Stay-At-Home, Stern, Stingy, Stinted, Straightforward, Straitened, Stunted, Stylite, Subsistence, Sworn Off, Teetotal, Teetotaler, Teetotalist, Thin, Trained, Unadorned, Unaffected, Unimaginative, Unnourishing, Unnutritious, Unpoetical, Unvarnished, Vegetarian, Water-Drinker, Watered, Watery, Wedded To Poverty, Yogi, Yogin