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Asinine Boeotian, Absurd, Airy, Apish, Batty, Beef-Brained, Beef-Witted, Befooled, Beguiled, Besotted, Blockish, Bovid, Bovine, Brainless, Buffoonish, Caprid, Caprine, Catchpenny, Chumpish, Cloddish, Cockeyed, Cowish, Cowlike, Crass, Crazy, Credulous, Daffy, Daft, Dazed, Deerlike, Dense, Dizzy, Doltish, Doting, Dullard, Dumb, Duncical, Duncish, Empty, Equestrian, Equine, Fat, Fatuitous, Fatuous, Flaky, Flimsy, Fond, Fool, Foolheaded, Foolish, Fribble, Fribbling, Frivolous, Frothy, Fuddled, Futile, Gaga, Goatish, Goatlike, Goofy, Gross, Gulled, Hircine, Hoggish, Hoofed, Horsy, Idiotic, Idle, Imbecile, Inane, Ineducable, Inept, Infatuated, Insane, Irrational, Klutzy, Kooky, Light, Loony, Lumpish, Mad, Maudlin, Mindless, Moronic, Mulish, Nugacious, Nugatory, Nutty, Oafish, Opaque, Otiose, Ovine, Piggish, Puerile, Ruminant, Sappy, Screwy, Senseless, Sentimental, Shallow, Sheepish, Sheeplike, Silly, Slender, Slight, Sottish, Stupid, Superficial, Swinish, Thick, Thoughtless, Trifling, Trite, Trivial, Ungulate, Unreasonable, Unteachable, Unwitty, Vacuous, Vain, Vapid, Wacky, Weak-Minded, Wet, Windy, Witless, Wrongheaded