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Aspersion Abuse, Adverse Criticism, Affront, Affusion, Agape, Allegation, Animadversion, Aspergation, Asperges, Atrocity, Auricular Confession, Backbiting, Bad Notices, Bad Press, Baptism, Baptismal Gown, Baptismal Regeneration, Baptistery, Baptizement, Bar Mitzvah, Bas Mitzvah, Brickbat, Calumny, Captiousness, Carping, Cavil, Caviling, Celebration, Censoriousness, Chrismal, Christening, Circumcision, Confession, Confirmation, Contempt, Contumely, Criticism, Cut, Defamation, Despite, Detraction, Disparagement, Dump, Enormity, Exception, Faultfinding, Flak, Flout, Flouting, Font, Gibe, Hairsplitting, High Celebration, Hit, Home Thrust, Hostile Criticism, Humiliation, Hypercriticalness, Hypercriticism, Immersion, Imputation, Incense, Indignity, Infusion, Injury, Innuendo, Insinuation, Insult, Invective, Invocation, Invocation Of Saints, Jeer, Jeering, Kiss Of Peace, Knock, Lampoon, Lesser Litany, Libel, Litany, Love Feast, Lustration, Mock, Mockery, Muck, Nagging, Niggle, Niggling, Nit, Nit-Picking, Obloquy, Offense, Outrage, Overcriticalness, Pasquinade, Pax, Personal Remark, Personality, Pestering, Pettifogging, Priggishness, Processional, Put-Down, Quibble, Quibbling, Rap, Reciting The Rosary, Reflection, Reproachfulness, Scandal, Scoff, Scurrility, Skit, Slam, Slander, Slur, Sly Suggestion, Sprinkling, Squib, Stricture, Suggestion, Swipe, Taking Exception, Taunt, Telling Of Beads, The Confessional, The Confessionary, Total Immersion, Trichoschistism, Uncomplimentary Remark, Vituperation, Whispering Campaign