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Assign Abalienate, Accredit, Alien, Alienate, Allocate, Allot, Allow, Amortize, Apply, Appoint, Apportion, Appropriate, Appropriate To, Ascribe, Assign To, Associate, Attach, Attribute, Authorize, Barter, Bequeath, Carry Over, Cede, Charge, Charter, Choose, Classify, Collocate, Commend, Commission, Commit, Communicate, Confer, Confide, Consign, Convey, Credit, Decide, Deed, Deed Over, Define, Delegate, Deliver, Demise, Denominate, Deploy, Deport, Depute, Deputize, Designate, Destine, Detach, Detail, Determine, Devolute, Devolve, Devolve Upon, Diffuse, Dispose, Disseminate, Distribute, Earmark, Emplace, Empower, Enfeoff, Entrust, Establish, Exchange, Expel, Export, Extradite, Fate, Fix, Get A Fix, Give, Give Homework, Give In Charge, Give In Trust, Give Out, Give Title To, Grant, Hand, Hand Down, Hand Forward, Hand On, Hand Over, Home In On, Impart, Import, Impute, Indicate, Infeudate, Install, Lay, Lay Down, License, Link, Localize, Locate, Lot, Make A Syllabus, Make An Assignment, Make Assignments, Make Over, Mark, Mark Off, Mark Out For, Mention, Metastasize, Metathesize, Mete Out, Mission, Name, Navigate, Negotiate, Nominate, Ordain, Order, Ordinate, Pass, Pass On, Pass Over, Pass The Buck, Perfuse, Pick Out, Pigeonhole, Pin Down, Pinpoint, Place, Point Out, Portion Off, Position, Post, Prescribe, Put, Put Down, Put In Place, Refer, Relate, Relay, Relegate, Remand, Remise, Remit, Reserve, Restrict, Restrict To, Schedule, Second, Select, Sell, Send Out, Set, Set A Task, Set Apart, Set Aside, Set Hurdles, Set Off, Settle, Settle On, Sign Away, Sign Over, Signify, Situate, Specialize, Specify, Spot, Spread, State, Stipulate, Surrender, Switch, Tab, Tag, Trade, Transfer, Transfer Property, Transfuse, Translate, Translocate, Transmit, Transplace, Transplant, Transpose, Triangulate, Trust, Turn Over, Warrant, Zero In On