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Assure Afford Hope, And Candle, Ascertain, Assert, Assert Under Oath, Asseverate, Attest, Augur Well, Avouch, Back, Be Convincing, Be Sponsor For, Bear Up, Bid Fair, Bolster, Bond, Book, Brace Up, Bring Home To, Bring Over, Bring Round, Bring To Reason, Buck Up, Carry Conviction, Certify, Cheer, Cinch, Clear Up, Clinch, Comfort, Condole With, Confirm, Console, Convert, Convict, Convince, Countersecure, Countersign, Decide, Depone, Depose, Determine, Dismiss All Doubt, Drive Home To, Ease, Embolden, Encourage, Endorse, Ensure, Establish, Find Out, Fix, Get At, Give Comfort, Give Hope, Guarantee, Guaranty, Have Good Prospects, Hearten, Hold Out Hope, Hold Out Promise, Inspire, Inspire Belief, Inspire Hope, Inspirit, Insure, Justify Hope, Kiss The Book, Lead To Believe, Make A Promise, Make Certain, Make Fair Promise, Make No Doubt, Make No Mistake, Make Sure, Make Sure Of, Nail Down, Nerve, Persuade, Pledge, Plight, Promise, Put At Ease, Raise Expectations, Raise Hope, Reassure, Relieve, Remove All Doubt, Satisfy, Secure, See That, See To It, Sell, Sell One On, Set At Ease, Set At Rest, Settle, Sign, Sign For, Solace, Sort Out, Sponsor, Stabilize, Stand Behind, Stand Up For, State, Subscribe To, Support, Swear, Swear By Bell, Swear The Truth, Swear To, Swear To God, Swear To Goodness, Sympathize With, Talk Over, Testify, Troth, Undersign, Underwrite, Vouch, Vow, Warrant, Win Over