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Atomize Ablate, Abrade, Accelerate, Activate, Adduce, Aerate, Aerify, Analyze, Anatomize, Beat, Bombard, Bray, Break Into Pieces, Break To Pieces, Break Up, Brecciate, Carbonate, Change, Chlorinate, Chop Logic, Circumstantiate, Cite, Cleave, Come Apart, Comminute, Consume, Contriturate, Corrode, Crack Up, Crash, Cross-Bombard, Crumb, Crumble, Crumble Into Dust, Crunch, Crush, Cut To Pieces, Decay, Decompose, Demolish, Descend To Particulars, Desynonymize, Detail, Difference, Differentiate, Diffuse, Disassemble, Discriminate, Disequalize, Disintegrate, Disjoin, Dismantle, Disorganize, Disperse, Disrupt, Dissolve, Distill, Distinguish, Diversify, Divide, Document, Dynamite, Emit, Enter Into Detail, Erode, Etherify, Etherize, Evaporate, Exhale, Fall To Pieces, Fission, Flour, Fluidize, Fractionate, Fragment, Fume, Fumigate, Gasify, Give Full Particulars, Give Off, Grain, Granulate, Granulize, Grate, Grind, Grind To Powder, Hydrogenate, Individualize, Individuate, Instance, Itemize, Levigate, Make A Distinction, Make Mincemeat Of, Mark, Mark Off, Mark Out, Mash, Mill, Mince, Modify, Molder, Nucleize, Oxygenate, Particularize, Perfume, Personalize, Pestle, Pick To Pieces, Pound, Powder, Pull In Pieces, Pull To Pieces, Pulverize, Reduce To Powder, Reduce To Rubble, Reek, Refine A Distinction, Rend, Rub Out, Ruin, Scatter, Scrunch, Segregate, Send Out, Separate, Set Apart, Set Off, Sever, Severalize, Shard, Shatter, Shiver, Shred, Smash, Smash The Atom, Smash Up, Smoke, Specialize, Specify, Spell Out, Splinter, Split, Split Hairs, Spray, Squash, Squish, Steam, Sublimate, Sublime, Substantiate, Sunder, Take Apart, Tear Apart, Tear Down, Tear To Pieces, Tear To Shreds, Tear To Tatters, Total, Triturate, Unbuild, Undo, Unmake, Vaporize, Vary, Volatilize, Waste Away, Wear Away, Wrack Up, Wreck