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Atone Accord, Answer, Appease, Assonate, Atone For, Attune, Be Harmonious, Be In Tune, Blend, Chime, Chord, Compensate, Conciliate, Cover, Do Penance, Expiate, Fill Up, Give And Take, Give Satisfaction, Harmonize, Indemnify, Kick Back, Live Down, Make Amends, Make Compensation, Make Good, Make Matters Up, Make Reparation, Make Restitution, Make Right, Make Up For, Make Up To, Melodize, Musicalize, Pay, Pay Back, Pay Damages, Pay In Kind, Pay The Forfeit, Pay The Penalty, Propitiate, Put In Tune, Quit, Recompense, Recoup, Rectify, Redeem, Redress, Refund, Reimburse, Remedy, Repair, Repay, Requite, Retaliate, Satisfy, Set Right, Sound In Tune, Sound Together, Square, Square It, Square Things, String, Symphonize, Synchronize, Tone Down, Tone Up, Tune, Tune Up, Voice