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Ausgespielt Bankrupt, Blasted, Blighted, Broken, Burned-Out, Desolated, Destroyed, Devastated, Devitalized, Disabled, Done, Done For, Done In, Done Up, Down-And-Out, Drained, Effete, Emptied, Enervated, Enfeebled, Eviscerated, Exhausted, Fallen, Far-Gone, Fatigued, Finished, Frazzled, Gone To Pot, In Ruins, Incapacitated, Irremediable, Jaded, Kaput, Laid Low, Overthrown, Played Out, Pooped, Ravaged, Ruined, Ruinous, Run-Down, Sapped, Shotten, Spent, Spoiled, Tired, Undone, Used Up, Wasted, Weakened, Worn, Worn-Out, Wrecked