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Author Actor, Advertising Writer, Agent, Ancestor, Ancestors, Annalist, Apprentice, Architect, Art Critic, Artificer, Artist, Authoress, Bear, Beget, Begetter, Beginner, Belletrist, Bibliographer, Breed, Bring About, Bring Forth, Bring To Effect, Bring To Pass, Builder, Catalyst, Cause, Causer, Coauthor, Collaborate, Collaborator, Columnist, Compiler, Compose, Composer, Conceive, Conceiver, Constructor, Copywriter, Craftsman, Create, Creative Writer, Creator, Critic, Dance Critic, Dash Off, Descanter, Designer, Deviser, Diarist, Discourser, Discoverer, Disquisitor, Do, Doer, Drama Critic, Dramatist, Editorialize, Effect, Effector, Effectuate, Encyclopedist, Engender, Engenderer, Engineer, Essayist, Establish, Executant, Executor, Executrix, Expositor, Fabricator, Father, Formulate, Found, Founder, Framer, Free Lance, Free-Lance, Free-Lance Writer, Generate, Generator, Gestate, Ghost, Ghostwrite, Ghostwriter, Give Birth To, Give Occasion To, Give Origin To, Give Rise To, Grower, Humorist, Inaugurate, Inaugurator, Indite, Inditer, Industrialist, Initiator, Inspirer, Instigator, Institute, Institutor, Introducer, Inventor, Journeyman, Knock Off, Knock Out, Literary Artist, Literary Craftsman, Literary Critic, Literary Man, Litterateur, Logographer, Magazine Writer, Make, Maker, Man Of Letters, Manufacturer, Master, Master Craftsman, Medium, Monographer, Monographist, Mother, Mover, Music Critic, Newspaperman, Novelettist, Novelist, Novelize, Occasion, Operant, Operative, Operator, Organizer, Origin, Originate, Originator, Pamphleteer, Parent, Past Master, Patriarch, Penwoman, Performer, Perpetrator, Planner, Poet, Practitioner, Precursor, Prepare, Prime Mover, Primum Mobile, Procreator, Produce, Producer, Prose Writer, Raiser, Realize, Realizer, Reviewer, Scenario Writer, Scenarist, Scenarize, Scribe, Scriptwriter, Set Afloat, Set On Foot, Set Up, Shaper, Short-Story Writer, Sire, Smith, Source, Storyteller, Subject, Technical Writer, Throw On Paper, Tractation, Word Painter, Wordsmith, Work, Worker, Wright, Write, Writer