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Authorize Ok, Accept, Accredit, Affirm, Allow, Amen, Appoint, Approve, Arm, Assign, Authenticate, Autograph, Certificate, Certify, Charge, Charter, Clothe, Clothe With Power, Commission, Commit, Confirm, Consent To, Consign, Constitute, Cosign, Countenance, Countersign, Declare Lawful, Decree, Delegate, Demand, Depute, Deputize, Detach, Detail, Devolute, Devolve, Devolve Upon, Dictate, Empower, Enable, Enact, Endorse, Endow, Endue, Enfranchise, Entitle, Entrust, Establish, Formulate, Franchise, Give In Charge, Give Leave, Give Official Sanction, Give Permission, Give Power, Give The Go-Ahead, Give The Imprimatur, Give Thumbs Up, Impose, Initial, Invest, Lay Down, Legalize, Legislate, Legitimate, Legitimatize, Legitimize, License, Make A Regulation, Make Legal, Make Obligatory, Mission, Notarize, Okay, Ordain, Pass, Pass On, Pass Upon, Patent, Permit, Post, Prescribe, Privilege, Put In Force, Ratify, Regulate, Require, Rubber Stamp, Sanction, Say Amen To, Seal, Second, Send Out, Set, Sign, Sign And Seal, Subscribe To, Support, Swear And Affirm, Swear To, Transfer, Undersign, Underwrite, Validate, Visa, Vise, Warrant