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Automatic Writing Ouija, Artistry, Authorcraft, Authorship, Automatism, Blind Impulse, Cacoethes Scribendi, Composition, Compulsiveness, Conditioning, Creative Writing, Drama-Writing, Echolalia, Echopraxia, Editorial-Writing, Essay-Writing, Expository Writing, Facility In Writing, Feature-Writing, Graphomania, Graphorrhea, Graphospasm, Impulse, Inditement, Instinct, Instinctiveness, Involuntariness, Journalism, Levitation, Libretto-Writing, Literary Artistry, Literary Composition, Literary Power, Literary Production, Literary Talent, Materialization, Novel-Writing, Pen, Pencraft, Planchette, Playwriting, Poltergeist, Poltergeistism, Psychography, Psychorrhagy, Ready Pen, Reflex Action, Rewriting, Sheer Chemistry, Short-Story Writing, Skill With Words, Spirit Manifestation, Spirit Rapping, Table Tipping, Technical Writing, Telekinesis, Teleportation, Telesthesia, Trance Speaking, Unwilledness, Verse-Writing, Writing