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Avaricious A Hog For, Acquisitive, All-Devouring, Avid, Bottomless, Cheap, Close, Closefisted, Coveting, Covetous, Devouring, Esurient, Gluttonous, Gobbling, Grabby, Grasping, Greedy, Hardfisted, Hoggish, Illiberal, Insatiable, Insatiate, Limitless, Mean, Mercenary, Miserly, Money-Hungry, Money-Mad, Near, Niggardly, Omnivorous, Overgreedy, Parsimonious, Penny-Pinching, Penurious, Piggish, Pinchfisted, Pinching, Quenchless, Rapacious, Ravening, Ravenous, Save-All, Selfish, Slakeless, Sordid, Stingy, Swinish, Tight, Tight-Fisted, Tightfisted, Unappeasable, Unappeased, Ungenerous, Unquenchable, Unsated, Unsatisfied, Unslakeable, Unslaked, Venal, Voracious