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Avoid Abstain, Abstain From, Avert, Be Stuck-Up, Bilk, Blench, Blink, Circumvent, Cringe, Debar, Deflect, Divert, Do Without, Dodge, Double, Draw Back, Duck, Elude, Escape, Eschew, Evade, Exclude, Fade, Fall Back, Fight Shy Of, Flinch, Forbear, Forbid, Forgo, Give Place To, Hang Back, Hold Aloof, Hold Aloof From, Hold Back, Jib, Keep Aloof, Keep Away From, Keep Clear Of, Keep From, Keep Hands Off, Keep Off, Keep Remote From, Leave Alone, Let Alone, Let Go By, Make Way For, Never Touch, Not Meddle With, Not Touch, Obviate, Pass Up, Preclude, Prevent, Prohibit, Pull Back, Quail, Recoil, Reel Back, Refrain, Refrain From, Retreat, Sheer Off, Shrink, Shrink Back, Shun, Shy, Sidestep, Spare, Stand Aloof, Stand Aloof From, Start Aside, Start Back, Stay Detached From, Steer Clear Of, Swerve, Turn Aside, Turn Away From, Ward Off, Weasel, Weasel Out, Wince, Withhold