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Avow Accept, Acknowledge, Admit, Admit Everything, Affirm, Agree Provisionally, Allege, Allow, Announce, Annunciate, Argue, Assent Grudgingly, Assert, Assever, Asseverate, Attest, Aver, Avouch, Bear Witness, Certify, Claim, Come Clean, Concede, Confess, Contend, Cop A Plea, Declare, Defend, Depone, Depose, Disclose, Enunciate, Express, Express General Agreement, Express The Belief, Give Evidence, Go Along With, Grant, Have, Hold, Insist, Issue A Manifesto, Lay Down, Let On, Maintain, Manifesto, Not Oppose, Open Up, Out With It, Own, Own Up, Plead Guilty, Predicate, Pretend, Pretext, Proclaim, Profess, Pronounce, Protest, Protest Too Much, Purport, Put, Put It, Recognize, Say, Set Down, Speak, Speak Out, Speak Up, Spill, Spill It, Spit It Out, Stand For, Stand On, State, Submit, Swear, Tell All, Tell The Truth, Testify, Vindicate, Vouch, Vow, Warrant, Witness, Yield