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Await Abide, Anticipate, Approach, Be Destined, Be Fated, Be Imminent, Be In Store, Be To Be, Be To Come, Bide, Bide The Issue, Brew, Come, Come On, Confront, Count, Dally, Dawdle, Delay, Dillydally, Draw Near, Draw Nigh, Draw On, Expect, Face, Foresee, Foretell, Forthcome, Gather, Hang About, Hang Around, Hang Over, Hold Everything, Hold On, Hold Your Horses, Hope, Hover, Impend, Lie Ahead, Lie Over, Linger, Loiter, Look, Look For, Look Forward To, Loom, Lower, Mark Time, Menace, Near, Overhang, Plan, Plot, Predict, Project, Prophesy, Sit Tight, Sit Up, Sit Up For, Stay, Stay Up, Stay Up For, Stick Around, Sweat, Sweat It Out, Sweat Out, Take Time, Tarry, Threaten, Wait, Wait A Minute, Wait And See, Wait For, Wait On, Wait Up For, Watch, Watch And Wait