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Ax Amputate, Battle-Ax, Beheading, Bisect, Blade, Block, Boot Out, Bounce, Burning, Butcher, Can, Capital Punishment, Carve, Cashier, Cashiering, Chop, Cleave, Cold Steel, Conge, Cross, Crucifixion, Cut, Cut Away, Cut In Two, Cut Off, Cutlery, Cutter, Dagger, Death Chair, Death Chamber, Decapitation, Decollation, Defenestration, Deposal, Dichotomize, Discharge, Disemployment, Dismissal, Displacing, Dissever, Drop, Drumming Out, Edge Tools, Electric Chair, Electrocution, Excise, Execution, Fire, Firing, Fissure, Forced Separation, Furloughing, Fusillade, Gallows, Gallows-Tree, Garrote, Gas Chamber, Gash, Gassing, Gibbet, Guillotine, Hack, Halberd, Halter, Halve, Hanging, Hatchet, Hemlock, Hemp, Hempen Collar, Hew, Hot Seat, Incise, Jigsaw, Judicial Murder, Kick Out, Knife, Lance, Lapidation, Layoff, Lethal Chamber, Maiden, Naked Steel, Necktie Party, Noose, Pare, Pigsticker, Pink Slip, Point, Poisoning, Poleax, Prune, Puncturer, Removal, Rend, Retirement, Rive, Rope, Sack, Saw, Scaffold, Scissor, Sever, Sharpener, Shooting, Slash, Slice, Slit, Snip, Split, Stake, Steel, Stoning, Strangling, Strangulation, Sunder, Surplusing, Suspension, Sword, Tear, Terminate, The Ax, The Block, The Boot, The Bounce, The Chair, The Gallows, The Gas Chamber, The Gate, The Guillotine, The Hot Seat, The Rope, The Sack, Ticket, Toad Sticker, Tomahawk, Tree, Walking Papers, Whittle