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Axiomatic Absolute, Actual, Admitting No Question, Aphoristic, Apparent, Clear, Clear As Crystal, Confirmable, Crisp, Crystal-Clear, Demonstrable, Demonstratable, Discernible, Distinct, Epigrammatic, Evident, Explicit, Express, Factual, Formulaic, Formulistic, Gnomic, Historical, Inappealable, Incontestable, Incontrovertible, Indisputable, Indubitable, Irrefragable, Irrefutable, Manifest, Noticeable, Observable, Obvious, Open-And-Shut, Palpable, Patent, Perceivable, Perceptible, Perspicuous, Pithy, Plain, Plain As Day, Platitudinous, Pointed, Provable, Proverbial, Pungent, Real, Seeable, Self-Evident, Self-Explaining, Self-Explanatory, Sententious, Succinct, Tangible, Terse, Testable, To Be Seen, Unanswerable, Unconfutable, Undeniable, Unimpeachable, Unmistakable, Unquestionable, Unrefutable, Verifiable, Visible