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Axis Bund, Rochdale Cooperative, Air Line, Alliance, Anthrophore, Arbor, Assemblage, Association, Axle, Axle Bar, Axle Shaft, Axle Spindle, Axle-Tree, Band, Bearing, Beeline, Bloc, Body, Bole, Cane, Carpophore, Caudex, Caulicle, Caulis, Center, Center Of Action, Center Of Gravity, Centroid, Centrum, Chord, Coalition, College, Combination, Combine, Common Market, Confederacy, Confederation, Consumer Cooperative, Cooperative, Cooperative Society, Core, Corps, Council, Credit Union, Culm, Customs Union, Dead Center, Diagonal, Diameter, Direct Line, Directrix, Distaff, Economic Community, Edge, Epicenter, Federation, Footstalk, Free Trade Area, Fulcrum, Funicule, Funiculus, Gang, Gimbal, Great-Circle Course, Group, Grouping, Gudgeon, Haulm, Heart, Hinge, Hingle, Horizontal Axis, Hub, Kernel, Leafstalk, League, Machine, Mandrel, Marrow, Medulla, Metacenter, Middle, Mob, Nave, Navel, Normal, Nub, Nucleus, Oarlock, Omphalos, Partnership, Pedicel, Peduncle, Perpendicular, Petiole, Petiolule, Petiolus, Pin, Pintle, Pith, Pivot, Pole, Political Machine, Radiant, Radius, Radius Vector, Reed, Rest, Resting Point, Right Line, Ring, Rowlock, Secant, Seedstalk, Segment, Shortcut, Side, Society, Spear, Spindle, Spire, Stalk, Stem, Stipe, Stock, Storm Center, Straight, Straight Course, Straight Line, Straight Stretch, Straightaway, Straw, Streamline, Swivel, Tangent, Thole, Tholepin, Tigella, Transversal, Trunk, Trunnion, Umbilicus, Union, Vector, Yaw