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Babble Aesopian Language, Babel, Greek, Absurdity, Amphigory, Argot, Babblement, Baffle, Balderdash, Bavardage, Be Greek To, Be Beyond One, Be Indiscreet, Be Insane, Be Too Deep, Be Unguarded, Beat One, Betray, Betray A Confidence, Bibble-Babble, Blab, Blabber, Blah-Blah, Blather, Blether, Blethers, Blurt, Blurt Out, Bombast, Bubble, Bull, Bullshit, Burble, Cackle, Cant, Caquet, Caqueterie, Chat, Chatter, Chattering, Chitchat, Chitter-Chatter, Cipher, Clack, Claptrap, Clatter, Code, Cryptogram, Disclose, Dither, Divulge, Dote, Double Dutch, Double-Talk, Drivel, Drool, Escape One, Fiddle-Faddle, Fiddledeedee, Flummery, Folderol, Fudge, Fustian, Gab, Gabble, Galimatias, Gammon, Garble, Gas, Gibber, Gibberish, Gibble-Gabble, Gift Of Tongues, Give Away, Glossolalia, Go On, Gobbledygook, Gossip, Guff, Guggle, Gurgle, Gush, Have A Demon, Haver, Hocus-Pocus, Hot Air, Hubbub, Humbug, Idle Talk, Inform, Inform On, Jabber, Jabberwocky, Jargon, Jaw, Jumble, Lap, Leak, Let Drop, Let Fall, Let Slip, Lose One, Mere Talk, Mumbo Jumbo, Murmur, Narrishkeit, Natter, Need Explanation, Niaiserie, Noise, Nonsense, Nonsense Talk, Not Make Sense, Not Penetrate, Pack Of Nonsense, Palaver, Pass Comprehension, Patter, Peach, Perplex, Piffle, Plash, Pour Forth, Prate, Prating, Prattle, Prittle-Prattle, Purl, Rabbit, Rage, Ramble, Ramble On, Rant, Rat, Rattle, Rattle On, Rave, Reel Off, Repeat, Reveal, Reveal A Secret, Riddle, Rigamarole, Rigmarole, Ripple, Rodomontade, Rubbish, Run Amok, Run Mad, Run On, Scramble, Secret Language, Sing, Skimble-Skamble, Slang, Slaver, Slobber, Slosh, Speak In Tongues, Spill, Spill The Beans, Splash, Spout, Spout Off, Squeal, Stool, Stuff And Nonsense, Stultiloquence, Swash, Swish, Talk, Talk Away, Talk Double Dutch, Talk Nonsense, Talk On, Talkee-Talkee, Tattle, Tattle On, Tell, Tell On, Tell Secrets, Tell Tales, Tittle-Tattle, Trash, Trill, Trumpery, Twaddle, Twattle, Twiddle-Twaddle, Vapor, Vaporing, Waffle, Waffling, Wander, Wash, Yak, Yakkety-Yak, Yammer, Yap